How it works

Inflammation in the form of pain, heat, redness and swelling is the body’s protective response to harmful stimuli, such as damaged cells. Some inflammation is helpful and part of the healing process but in many autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, the reaction is extreme. Exposing the body to intense cold for a short period activates a

powerful survival mechanism that causes the blood vessels near the skin to contract (vasoconstriction) and reroute the blood to major organs to maintain your core body temperature. During this process, your blood fills with oxygen, nutrients and healing enzymes and this enriched blood rushes back to the skin.

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  • Whole body Cryotherapy reduces inflammation, promotes rapid healing and minimises acute pain in just 3 minutes. It works on joint pain, stiffness and swelling in a similar way to an ice pack but the effects are immediate, powerful and lasting. On leaving the Cryosauna, the blood vessels dilate (vasodilation) and the enriched blood rushes back to the skin.

    Oxygenated blood is circulated and anti-inflammatories released to help relieve pain (the ‘analgesia’ effect) and soothe swollen joints. In addition to being pain-free, the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins means you will leave the CryoSpa clinic feeling positive and relaxed.

  • Cryospot treatments are localised for specific injuries or pain on the neck, shoulders, hands, feet and other small areas to help reduce pain and inflammation.  Cryospot works by emitting a targeted beam of liquid nitrogen mist directly to the problem area. This immediately causes direct vasoconstriction on targeted zones, resulting in a fast decrease in swelling, pain and inflammation. 

    Other benefits of Cryospot treatment includes improved circulation, decrease in muscle tension with long term treatment, improved joint function and increased muscle strength. 


  • Cryofacial involves the use of a wand that emits a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen.  The cold nitrogen mist helps to boost circulation, which   assists with fine lines, reducing wrinkles and instantaneously tightening the skin by stimulating the production of collagen.  Furthermore Cryofacials reduce the size of pores which keeps toxins, dirt and grime out.

    With continued use of the Cryofacial as directed by CryoSpa Canberra, you can experience a rejuvenated youthful complexion, and be the envy of your friends and colleges. The Cryofacial gives similar effects to Botox in a holistic and safe way, without the use of needles and chemicals.

  • Cryobody uses a cool liquid nitrogen mist to safely cool problem areas of the body, for spot cellulite treatments. Unlike body sculpting equipment, the cryobody is a non invasive, non painful and a non skin or muscle damaging treatment.

    The Cryobody treatment will assist in boosting collagen, stimulate fat cells and help increase circulation in the areas to help flush the chilled fat cells. If you are looking for a way to help assist in your problem areas, this is the treatment for you.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect?

Once arriving at CRYOSPA Canberra, you will be greeted by our friendly staff to assist in your experience however possible. When entering the treatment room for your first session, most people find themselves experience a rush of unknown feelings as people general search all quadrants of their brain to link supreme cold to knowns and the effects they would assume to feel. However once stepping into the CRYOSAUNA, one of our professionally trained staff members will be with you every step of the way as you experience temperatures down to -150ºC in your 3 minute session. Once exiting the CRYOSAUNA, your body will naturally warm itself back to normal, as this process occurs your body releases endorphins and pumps fresh oxygenated blood around your body, cleansing the body and and organise to re-boot the body and nervous system.


What should I wear?

When entering the CRYOSAUNA, you will be expected to wear socks and minimal clothing. The more skin exposure to the nitrogen mist the more enhanced the experience and benefits will be. For males they can wear underwear and for females we recommend underwear and a sports bra. (No underwires or metal can be worn into the CRYOSAUNA, and NO moisture on skin)

After your arrival to CRYOSPA Canberra, you will be allocated a change room. There you relax and change into your appropriate clothing, we provide you with a waffle gown for your privacy when coming to and from the treatment rooms. When ready to enter the CRYOSAUNA you will be provided with Woollen boots to be worn during treatment, along with the socks you wear aids to help protect your feet from the cold.

Does it hurt?

Many people are surprised at how tolerable and quick the cryosauna treatment actually is. In fact, most say it’s even more tolerable than using an ice bath. The reason being that the cryosauna generates ‘dry’ cold, which is more comfortable than the ‘wet’ cold experienced in an ice bath.

Is it safe?

Yes, cryotherapy is a very safe treatment. The vapor inside the vessel is simply a fine liquid nitrogen mist that surrounds the body. Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas and makes up 79% of the air we breathe. Furthermore, nitrogen has a higher density and is heavier than air, so the vapor will remain well below the rim of the CRYOSAUNA.

A staff member will be will you and assisting you throughout the entire session to track the progress of the treatment and ensure your experience is pleasurable the entire time. If however you do wish to end the session before the time the staff member assisting you will immediately stop the treatment and open the chamber for you to step out.

How often do I need sessions?

The optimal number of cryotherapy sessions is dependant on your personal objectives in terms of recovery, improvements in skin and wellbeing.  With consistent treatment we are sure that you will be able to maximise both the physical and mental benefits and we are more than happy to discuss and customise treatment plans tailored to your personal goals and health concerns. On-going treatment has been found to produce more permanent results, so consistency is key to achieving the best results possible. As a general guide, a few possible treatment plans are listed below. This is a process to help change your lifestyle for the better. Just as you take time out to get your hair done, spend a few minutes for you! Recharge your batteries and take time out for you, because your worth it!


For an increase in metabolism and weight loss - In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, meal and eating check, 2 to 3 sessions a week has been found to have very effective results. After this time we will asses whether to continue at this intensity or reduce the number of sessions to help maintain results. However if no exercise and diet are in place we suggest 5 session a week for the first two weeks, to start your weight loss journey.

For enhanced mental and physical wellbeing - 3 session weekly for 1 month and regular session (1 weekly/fortnight) from there on to sustain the benefits.


For treatment of specific health concerns, injury and pain - After consulting your health professional we will assess the extent of your concerns and suggest a suitable plan from there. We've found that 3 sessions weekly for 2 weeks is a great starting point before reassessing the concern with an aim to decrease the regularity of visits. 


For enhanced skin condition using CRYOFACIAL - We recommend a minimum of 12  to 18 sessions, 3 to 4 times a week to reach desired visible results in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and superficial scarring. From there we suggest once a week to maintain your new glowing skin, you will  be the envy of your friends and family.


CRYOSPOT - Treatment will be dependant on the nature of the area being treated as well as the extent of injury or health concern.  A minimum of 10 sessions is usually required to begin seeing effective results.

What is the difference between a cryotherapy session and taking an ice bath?

Cryotherapy is the most advanced and efficient form of ‘cold therapy’. Ice baths can be a long and uncomfortable process lasting up to 20 minutes. Furthermore they are painful and damaging to the skin and since they actually freeze the tissue they can cause stiffness and immobility afterwards. Cryotherapy treatment, on the other hand lasts for up to 3 minutes, is not painful and does not involve freezing the tissue. Cryotherapy treatment works to improve mobility, decrease inflammation and reduce pain along leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Best of all 30 minutes after a treatment, you can resume extensive training. This means you can use Cryospa Canberra for you performance enhancement prior to exercise, and post exercise for recovery purposes.

Is cryotherapy safe for everyone?

Generally, Cryotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for most people, however it is unsuitable for anyone who has:


a pacemaker

a heart condition

deep vein thrombosis

cold allergy

cancer (or previously had cancer).



If you are concerned about any conditions you have that may prevent you from undergoing any treatment, please call or email our knowledgable team to answer any questions you may have.

Cryospa Canberra is starting Clinical trials to assist with numerous disabilities, ailments and health conditions. We aim to have Cryospa Canberra dully endorsed by Health funds in the not to distant future.

Will It have an instant effect?

For most people once leaving Cryospa Canberra, the effects of our Cryosauna are almost instant. The first signs most people notice are:

A lightness in mind and body.

Energy burst and alertness.

Softer Skin.

That night 98% of people have had better nights sleep, and the next few day after treatment people have noticed weight loss, sleep, less brain fog and better all round wellness both physically and mentally.

However not everyone will notice the effects directly after one session. We suggest trying 2 to 3 times to find how the treatment works for each individual.

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