“The benefits of a three-minute session in Cryo can burn nearly 800 calories, which is the equivalent to a 45-minute run in three minutes,” Cryospa Canberra owner David McPhan says.


Of course, the weight loss benefits come alongside a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet but on top of this, the pros to Cryotherapy are endless!

Yes, it aids weight loss through burning calories and supercharging your metabolism and hormone function; but it also has anti-aging effects through improved skin appearance and texture, fighting wrinkles, cellulite, acne and scarring; wellbeing through improved mental and immune health, as well as pain relief of arthritis, joint pain and anxiety just to name a few; and injury management through faster muscle recovery and improved alertness and reaction times.


You might have seen it on TV and social media – celebrities and athletes all around the world have been raving about it including the likes of Hugh Jackman, Kobe Bryant and Roxy Jacenko and it’s been featured on The Today Show, Sunrise, NRL Footy Show and more. We are, of course, talking about Cryotherapy – the subzero, liquid nitrogen treatment taking the sporting, health and wellbeing industry by storm.