Why It’s Important to Use Cryotherapy

Jun 16, 2018



You’ll regularly find us talking about the benefits of Cryotherapy.


From improved mental health and wellbeing to faster recovery and performance as well as boosted energy; there are a wide variety of benefits to using Cryotherapy treatments.


But why is it SO important to start integrating it into your daily lifestyle?


Well here is your answer…


The Importance of Breathing Techniques and How They Can Help You De-Stress In Between Cryotherapy Sessions

May 31, 2018




Cryotherapy sessions can provide you with not only pain relief and injury management, but can also assist with improving your mood, as well as the effects of anxiety and depression.


After each treatment you will feel refreshed, energised and exhilarated. Your mood will also improve, as will your stress levels.


Whilst we all wish we could receive these amazing feelings all of the time from Cryotherapy, the reality is that sometimes it may be difficult to book into Cryospa or make time for a treatment when we are feeling stressed or on edge. This is where deep breathing techniques can come into play as a great stress reliever.





Deep Breathing Techniques


Learning how to do deep breathing exercises can be a really beneficial way to de stress next time you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It’s fairly common that when you do experience negative emotions, your breaths can become short and shallow.


This is your body’s natural responses to stress, however it’s really important to learn how beneficial it can be to stop, and start doing deep breaths and deep breathing exercises, as they can really help you deal with the negative feelings in the short term.


If you’re new to this type of relaxation technique, here is a basic step by step guide to practising this stress reliever:


  1. Lie down or sit in a comfortable, quiet place. Remove distractions from the room if you can and prepare around 5-10 minutes for this exercise.
  2. Once you are settled, give yourself time to relax your muscles, and release the tension in your joints.
  3. Then, inhale deeply to fill your lungs with air. Bring this air into your abdomen, which is deeper than just breathing into your chest. Count slowly to five as you inhale.
  4. Exhale deeply, emptying your lungs and again, count to five as you do this. Release the tension from your muscles during this breath as well.
  5. Continue with this inhale and exhale process for several minutes, counting to five for each breath. Ensure that you are trying as best as you can to just concentrate on your breathing and counting, and don’t allow your mind and thoughts to wander. Let it be free from distractions.


By doing this simple, yet effective deep breathing exercise every day, or whenever you do feel stressed or anxious; you can make some improved changes to your overall mood and wellbeing.





4 Ways You’ll Benefit from Daily Deep Breathing Exercises


So, how exactly will you benefit from incorporating deep breathing exercises into your daily routine? Well, there are many positive ways in which your body can react to these exercises.


  1. Good endorphins are released. Deep breathing for just 5 minutes each day can trigger the increase in endorphins, which improve your general mood and wellbeing, as well as provide pain relief.
  2. Low blood pressure. As your muscles let go of stress and tension, your blood vessels will naturally dilate, and your blood pressure will return to a normal level
  3. Your body and muscles relax. When you’re breathing properly, your body will naturally feel relaxed and muscle and joint tension will release.
  4. Body detoxification. Maintaining good breathing habits can help the lymphatic system function well, and this can encourage the release of harmful toxins. This naturally cleanses the body too.


There are many other ways in which you can practice deep breathing exercises, and we recommend that you experiment with different timing and relaxation techniques to see what works best for you.


Deep and controlled breathing not only keeps your mind and body functioning well, but can also lower your blood pressure, and promote good feelings of calm, and relaxation to help you de-stress and reduce anxiety.





How Cryotherapy Can Make You Happier

May 23, 2018

The reason why people visit Cryospa Canberra and engage in cryotherapy treatments can differ from person to person, depending on their health and wellbeing goals.


Whether it be your aching back, sore muscles, or lack of sleep; there really are so many benefits to cryotherapy!


But what if you don’t have muscle soreness, or sleeping problems? You may be thinking, how can cryotherapy actually help me?


There are a multitude of other ways in which cryotherapy can make you happier and healthier – here’s how…


Increased Energy and Metabolism


There is a buzz that you get after each cryotherapy session. This is an amazing energetic rush that you feel after your session, and can have you feeling alert, and full of energy for hours afterwards too.


By being exposed to extremely cold temperatures from the cryosauna, your body starts to pump out endorphins and serotonin, which are both “feel good” hormones and make you feel euphoric (a similar sensation you can feel after a good workout!).


Cryotherapy sessions also result in an increase in your metabolism, which also means that you burn more calories. This is because during your session, your body undergoes a fight or flight reaction to the super cold temperatures. Your body works harder during this process, therefore burning more calories.




Improved Immune Health


Cryotherapy is not only shown to enhance immunity against common illnesses but also reduces susceptibility to viruses by flooding your blood with oxygen, nutrients and healing enzymes.


Studies with continued use of cryotherapy show signs of increased white blood cell activity.


So if you have past or present injuries, are feeling a little low on energy, or aren’t performing as well as you would like to with your fitness – then a session at Cryospa Canberra is what you need!





Elevation of mood


The rush of endorphins that you feel after a Cryotherapy session will immediately lead to the enhancement of your mood.


This means that the mental health benefits of multiple cryotherapy sessions can lead to the long term stabilisation of your mood, which can give you great long term results.



Assist in Weight Loss


Although you shouldn’t rely on cryotherapy for weight loss alone, cryotherapy can most definitely assist in some way with your weight loss journey.


The cold temperatures during a treatment, force your body to work a lot harder to keep warm, and with each 3 minutes session burning between 500 and 800 calories, as well as increase your metabolism; it is certainly a treatment that you should consider incorporating into your weight loss regime.


Treat Skin Conditions


Something you may not be aware of is that cryotherapy can offer a range of beauty benefits too! The increase in blood flow during each treatment can aid in producing toxins and rejuvenating the skin.


During each session, the skin collagen production increases, and this can also help with anti-aging and lower the visibility of cellulite and wrinkles too!


These are just a few of the wide variety of ways in which cryotherapy can make you happier and healthier. Take a look at our range of treatments here.






Cryotherapy and Mental Health

May 10, 2018




It’s a known fact that three minutes in a whole body Cryosauna can provide you with various health benefits from pain relief to injury management, however it can also improve your mood, reduce anxiety and assist with sleep as well!


During a Cryosauna session, the body’s natural response to the hyper-cool temperatures is to release a rush of “feel-good” hormones.

This can leave you feeling a sense of euphoria for hours after treatment at Cryospa, and can also assist with symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.


Cryosauna sessions are a really effective way to reduce stress in both a physical and mental state, and after each treatment you’ll be left feeling refreshed, energised and exhilarated.


Take a look at some of the more specific mental health benefits of Cryotherapy below…


Why Cryotherapy Can Help Athletes

Apr 30, 2018


Numerous studies have shown that Cryotherapy is an effective pain management and recovery treatment method for athletes. Athletes often took towards Cryotherapy to assist them in speeding up recovery time.


From increased blood circulation, to boosted energy and strength as well as pain management; there are a variety of reasons as to why athletes are looking towards Cryotherapy both before and after their competitions and training sessions.


All athletes will sustain an injury throughout their career. Whether it be a minor, or major injury, each athlete can really benefit from Cryotherapy treatments.


So, if you’re an athlete who likes to keep on top of their injury management, or is looking for some other benefits to cryotherapy, then consider these three facts next time you’re looking towards treatment options.




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