Happy 2nd Birthday Cryospa Canberra Family

Feb 20, 2019



On Monday, 18 February Cryospa Canberra turned two years old. Over the last two years not only did we want to thank all of our clients new and existing, but also we wanted to be able to share some of your great results so that more people can understand why cryotherapy is changing people‘s lives!!!


Statistically from all the data collaborated over the last two years the results that we have been phenomenal, with a huge retention rate of clients due to the fact that cryotherapy does work! 98% of people get a better night sleep (if not for two nights it fixed there will sleep altogether), 96% of people with chronic pain saw an improvement instantly and some pain gone for good, 99% of Mental health clients (Anxiety, depression etc), 95% of weight loss clients have Lost amazing numbers(With coaching and guidance from David, one lost 17 kg in six weeks!!!), and most people for general health have seen huge changes in their lifestyles already.



When you combine lowered stress, bit of mental health assistance, remove any inflammation and pain in the body, lose additional body fat, boost your cognitive and focused abilities,  and sleep better it’s a no-brainer why more people have started utilising cryotherapy more. Our Clinical Trials have also shown great results, cementing another 3 trails and our push for alternative health funding.


If you’re in any way uncertain cryotherapy is right for you, and you’re not sure why you would need it, then make sure you get in touch with the team at Cryospa Canberra. We have treatment plans for everyone, but not only that we believe you are away on cryotherapy is tenfold and what you are currently experiencing.


When you have over 70% of your client base tell you that this product is life changing, it’s definitely worth taking the plunge for better health. If you need to know more make a booking and talk to our experienced staff here at Cryospa Canberra. To book CLICK HERE


Feb 13, 2019

Many people often want to know why they should undertake Cryotherapy and if it is really worth the while. Our answer to this is definitely YES! It is worth while and here are 5 Key reasons why we believe it is so important for people to incorporate Cryotherapy into their lifestyles.



Number 1 – Cortisol lowering

As you may have ready Cortisol is the stress hormone in the body, we require it for our fight or flight response. It is in no way a bad hormone, however too much of it caused by stress, poor thinking and diet can lead you towards sickness, ailments and severe illnesses such as cancer down the track. Cryosauna’s are great at knocking down cortisol in the body, which means that your body can start to function correctly. Your recovery, mental health, weight management, metabolism and many other key functions are inhibited due to high levels of Cortisol.


Number 2 – Inflammation removal

Excess inflammation in the body, can lead to more ailments, injury or sickness in the body. Don’t get me wrong there is good inflammation (when mitochondria repair and fix), but if we leave inflammation in our bodies too long, it starts to impede on cell cleansing, reproduction and repair. Cryotherapy is super effective at knocking out Inflammation throughout the body including in the gut (the second brain) and internal organs. Not only that but it helps to remove cytokines that cause arthritic pains and allows for pain free joints, leaving behind the white blood cells to repair.


Number 3 – Fat

Cryotherapy is a great way to get rid of bad fats in the body, and there is a lot of support for getting rid of visceral fats (bad fats around heart etc) from the body over time. Cryotherapy induces a fight or flight response in the body, which allows the body to hone in on repairing and cleansing for self preservation. It naturally kick starts a ketosis in the body burning fat to insulate and raise your core temperature, protecting organs against the cold. It was once believed that it burnt your glycogen stores, which we’ve recently debunked and will be creating a youtube video to highlight and explain this further. 


Number 4 – Mental Clarity and Focus

Cryotherapy is very effective at clearing your mind and helping with mental focus and clarity. There is Scientific papers supporting the increase in feel good endorphins such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin also. Not only that there are increases of noradrenaline in the brain, which is our neural transmitter. Your brain requires cold stimulation for cleansing of brain cells, but not only that it assists in the lowering of cortisol in the brain which can often be linked to brain fog. Cryotherapy not only wakes your brain up but can help combat, fatigue issues, anxiety, hormone regulation, boost focus, increase cognitive ability and helps the central nervous system work correctly. This also assists in the clarity of mind, meaning you can also experience a great nights sleep!

Number 5 – Recovery 

Cryotherapy is linked to raising testosterone in the system and lowering insulin dependence, meaning your muscles can repair faster. The Cryosauna helps oxygenate your red blood cells, increases white blood cells and killer T cells and produces Cold shock Protein (RBM3 protein strand). This helps in multiple ways for recovery, as it cleanses muscles of dead blood and toxin, boosts muscle response, helps fight sickness in the body and flushes the body of imperfections in the cells. Higher Testosterone increases repair times, and there is some suggestion of increase of HGH (human growth hormone) which combined help with the recovery of the body. Cryotherapy not only flushes muscles and helps with your DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness), but it also flushes bones, ligaments, tendons and even nerves!! 

When you combine the 5 Key points, your whole body is going to benefit from Cryotherapy. Whether you are a business person, sports person or living with an ailment/injury, Cryosauna use as a part of your lifestyle will assist you in living a healthy lifestyle. Simply adding Cryotherapy one day a week will start to have great benefits for your overall health, but not only that feel better, physically, emotionally and mentally on a weekly basis.

Why losing weight is not as simply as it sounds.

Sep 4, 2018

When you make the decision to lose weight you have to start make a change, for the better. For some people this can be a long journey for them, which requires a different way of thinking. The current ways have produced the current results and have led to the weight gain.



Weight loss is a subject which has always fascinated me, as there are so many mixed opinions, so many mixed views and so many get slim quick fads. The problem with them all is there is one key denominator which is standing in your way which not many mention, which is YOU!



Weight loss in its most basic form is relatively simple. Your average daily intake for a general healthy lifestyle for a normal, not super active person is around 8700kj. If you are consuming more than this and are not active or burning kilojoules, you will be putting on weight. Staying around the daily consumption will mean you maintain weight, and consuming less will mean you’ll lose weight. Very simple!




Unfortunately, I’ve heard of well-known idols and fitness icons recommending 1200Cal diets for people which will in fact have you in too high a calorie deficit (you’re basically starving yourself) meaning short term gain but not sustainable, which begs the question – Why are people so misguided with eating choices and diets?



No matter what diet you are choosing to follow, the principals of healthy eating still applies. For example, if you are doing a ketogenic or low carb diet, if you consume too many calories you will not lose weight. The same applies adversely if your consuming too little, your body will go into starvation mode. Your cortisol (stress hormone) will go up, and your body will store for preservation. All you are doing is trying to change your bodies full system, from Glycogen to Ketones.



If you like to consume alcohol on a regular basis, your body burns the acetate in the beverages, not your other primary fuel sources. That’s right, the carbs and fats consumed whist drinking, go straight to storage as they are not required to fuel the body.




Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we can’t blame other people. You can make choices, both good and bad when it comes to nutrition and eating right. Now more than ever you have so many resources that assist you in making those right choices, and educating yourself on the right way to stay healthy.



At the end of the day when you look at your current results, it’s all because of your current thinking. When you really want to lose weight, you need to know why, why you want to lose the weight. Secondly you have to have an emotional connection to the reason, if you say you want it, but the reason doesn’t move you enough guess what, you won’t make the changes.



Change is not hard, but for most it’s uncomfortable as it’s unknown waters. When you are content you will stay the same. However, when you get a little uncomfortable that is where all growth comes from. Having someone who helps guide you, keeps you accountable and makes your journey enjoyable, is invaluable to find if you struggle to stay disciplined. I am a health and wealth coach, and can coach you so you reach your goal. If this is of interest to you then please get in touch.



Everything in life starts with taking the first step, when will you take YOURS?





5 Health Benefits Of Cryotherapy – THE STYLE SIDE

Jul 23, 2018

July 19, 2018


What are the benefits of Cryotherapy? Is it worth the hype? What actually is it? Is it safe? Why would you want to be freezing cold? These are all questions which come my way when I mentioned to anyone that I have been trying out cryotherapy!

I’ve been incorporating regular weekly sessions at CRYOSPA Canberra into my routine over the past couple of months for various reasons – the main one being pain management for a knee injury. I’ve also been exploring cryotherapy out of a mix of curiosity and my quest for optimal physical and mental well-being. Being the gym junkie that I am, I understand the science behind cryotherapy but understanding something on paper and experiencing it are two different things.



This is what I have discovered…

  1. It is cold but not unbearable

  2. It absolutely reduces inflammation

  3. It 100% burns calories

  4. It helps assist muscle recovery

  5. It chills me out (no pun intended ha!) by reducing stress and anxiety

  6. It aids sleep

  7. I am a little bit addicted (and proud of it!)

What Is Cryotherapy?

The name sounds highly scientific but the basic idea is to hypercool the body to experience a range of health benefits. This technology is available for targeted areas to reduce cellulite and fat deposits, spot treatments on specific injuries, cryofacials or the sauna experience in which you spend 3 minutes while nitrogen is pumped into the space creating temperatures down to  -150 degrees. The space allows your head to be out in the open, it is completely safe and as a self confessed claustrophobic, I never feel crowded or uncomfortable in there. The first thing people ask is “oh my god is it freezing”. The answer is yes, being -150 degrees in the sauna it most definitely is extremely cold but it is far from unbearable. The 3 minutes goes surprisingly quickly and it isn’t until the last 10 or 20 seconds it starts to feel really cold and then it’s time to come out. 3 minutes of cold for days of benefits? Totally worth it.

I tried the spot treatment and the sauna and these are the benefits I experienced.

The Benefits…

1. Reduced Inflammation

Cryotherapy enhances the body’s natural response to inflammation and trauma, speeding up the recovery process by creating a rush of bloody to the organs and throughout the body following the session. By hypercooling your body, Cryotherapy assists the release of oxygen and enzymes into the bloodstream delivering improvments in repair and recovery throughout the body.

2. Better Sleep

I equate a cryotherapy session as an intense workout – the feeling is the same for me, as though my body has exerted itself and come bed time everything is ready to rest and shut down – my mind doesn’t have the chance to get over active because my body needs rest. This helps me anxiety immensely, which often peaks at night when I have nothing to distract me and I my mind gets over active. Just with a good work out, after a cryotherapy session, I find that night that I drift off almost as soon as I hit the pillow.

3. Burns Calories & Speeds Metabolism

I have experienced significant weight loss from regular cryosuana sessions and I find that if I miss a gym session, 3 minutes in the cryo sauna makes up for that – I get to enjoy the physical benefits of a gym work out without even going and while I LIVE for the gym and would never recommend using cryotherapy to replace it, it is a great feeling knowing that if I am short on time I have access to those benefits. As explained on CRYOSPA Canberra’s website “exposing yourself to extreme sub degree temperatures, your body’s fight or flight response triggers a core raise and metabolic fat burn to warm the body during treatment, removing toxins in the process. This causes the body to ‘passively burn’, on average, between 2000−3300 Kilojoules (kJ) or approximately 700 calories over the hours following the procedure”.

4. Improved Circulation/Anti Ageing Benefits-this is a no-brainer.

The benefits of extreme cold on the skin has been reported for decades. The rush of blood circulating the body following exposure to intense cold is physically evident and can be seen as the skin turns from pink and purple in any bruised areas back to it’s normal colour. Improved circulation helps with overall health, the immune system, hydration, oxygenation, the look of the skin and can also aid cellulite. This is one thing I have definitely noticed. Cryotherapy is a completely natural and effective way to enhance the appearance and feel of your skin without the use of painful procedures or medications. Briefly exposing the skin to liquid nitrogen leads to the production of collagen in deeper layers of your skin which can even skin tone and cause your skin to become smoother and more elastic. Receiving spot treatments on my knee injury has actually lightened a scar I have from surfing accident significantly over the last two months!

5. Muscle Repair

My main workout’s at the gym are weights based. I am quite limited in terms of cardio due to my knee injury but lifting weights is one thing I can do consistently and absolutely love. Building my strength is something I am incredibly passionate about and I am no stranger to sore muscles – I push myself really hard lifting weights and am sore in some area of my body for at least 70% of the week. I find my muscles repair much faster after a cryotherapy session and I don’t need to wait for days and days for the soreness or tightness to ease. This faster turnaround is so beneficial to my training regime meaning less down time and more energy.

Why Cryospa Canberra?

Cryospa Canberra approaches cryotherapy in a very holistic way – offering a 5 Sensory Experience which begins with a private room fitted with a personal robe and 5 different elements which come together to optimize the experience “When arriving at CRYOSPA CANBERRA you will be escorted to your change room where awaiting you is a luxurious robe, taste, scent and sound experience”. This includes a cold tea to kick start the metabolism, a peppermint protein ball, an essential oil and a pair of headphones with a screen displaying a relaxing journey as you spend 5 minutes zoning out from the outside world. Following this you put on your gloves and a pair of ugg boots then wander out to the treatment room relaxed and ready for the cryo treatment. The space feels like a dayspa; relaxing, luxurious and gentle from start to finish. Everything has been considered at Cryospa Canberra, it is a calming and peaceful escape from the chaotic world outside.

I suffer from chronic knee pain caused by a wakeboarding accident almost 7 years ago which over time has affected my hips, my lower back and just about every part of my body. I had planned on getting surgery this year but the timing is always wrong for one reason or another and after chatting with David, the owner of Cryospa Canberra, I was convinced there would be solutions for the short term which meant delaying any surgery was a viable option. I am in awe of David’s knowledge, we talked for a good 45 minutes about various exercises for me to do, how to work on building the right muscles surrounding my knee to avoid more pain and how to use the cryospot treatment to target the inflammation in my knee. After my first spot session I trained better than I have in years with more flexibility and freedom in my injured knee reducing the pressure on my good leg. I was able to move better, lift more and feel powerful in a way I haven’t for such a long time. I LOVE Cryotherapy, there are so many benefits I have become a bit of preacher – my sisters, my friends, my partner and probably even a few strangers (hah too friendly much?) are all probably tired of me raving about it but I truly want everyone to experience the benefits I have and urge anyone to give cryotherapy a go!

Take a look at their website www.cryospacanberra.com.au for further info on the benefits, packages, pricing and check out their blog which details the 5 Sensory Experience & other health info!

The 5 Sensory Cryospa Experience

Jun 26, 2018

Since the 1st June 2018 we have changed the Cryospa Canberra business to a 5 sensory business, which is the first of its kind in the world!


This is an experience that has so far been welcomed with open arms at Cryospa by our clients, and is something that we are really proud to offer.


So, what exactly is the Cryospa Canberra 5 sensory experience?





When arriving at Cryospa Canberra you will be escorted to your change room where your luxurious robe awaits you, accompanied by a taste (bliss balls), signature blend scent and sound experience.


It is in this change room where you will have the opportunity to experience each of these senses. Your room will be dimly lit, which will also enhance your experience.


You’ll be able to enjoy our bliss balls (made in house), as well as a freshly brewed cold leaf tea.


Our tea and bliss balls flavours are aligned with various health pillars and will assist you in achieving your specific goals for each spa session. By drinking the cold the leaf tea, your bodies metabolism has to engage to heat the tea in the body, and by using the Cryosauna your raised cardiovascular system and hyperactive body will absorb the nutrients from the tea and bliss balls.


You will also be provided with our signature blend scent, which is made specifically for stress and anxiety relief/calming. This is for rolling onto your sensory points before your session.


A set of headphones will also be in your room which will enable you to listen to binaural beats before your Cryosauna treatment. This is a scientifically proven experience that can align the electrons in the brain to promote happiness and calm.


You will also have the opportunity if you wish, to meditate during this time as well, if you feel that this is something that will further enhance your experience.




When you’re ready to embark on the rest of your journey, collect your gloves and key provided to access your touch keypad and head down the hallway where a staff member will greet you at your treatment room and detail your further experience.


If you have opted for the Cryosauna, you will enter the sauna in your robe, gloves and ugg boots. An elevated platform will ensure your head is out of the machine. Once you’ve de-robed, this will commence your 3 minute treatment.


A fine liquid nitrogen mist of up to -153 degrees celsius will encompass your body in the sauna. As you reach the 2 minute mark, you legs will likely start to feel a little cold, while your chest will remain warm as the blood moves to your vital organs. During the treatment, your core temperature will actually raise a little and at the conclusion of the 3 minute session, the door will open and you skin will be cool to touch for around 6 minutes before returning to normal.


Post treatment, most people experience a clear mind, light legs and an endorphin rush which proves a sense of euphoria. Over the next hour, you’ll need to drink 1L or so of water as your body has experienced the equivalent of a 45 minute run and needs to detoxify and recover.


You may also experience an excellent nights sleep after your visit, and benefits have shown to last for several weeks post session.





This new 5 sensory experience at Cryospa Canberra has been welcomed with open arms, which means we are also now stocking all of your favourite teas, scent rollers and bliss balls.


So, if you love our sensory experience and want to take it home with you, then you are able to purchase all of these items at our reception.









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